• Who

    «Aquatoria» LLC unites a team of progressively thinking specialists who know and love their jobs.

    Since 2014, we have been successfully providing the full range of services related to wholesales distribution, purchasing, documents issue, quality control, loading and delivery procedures of frozen Far Eastern fish worldwide.

  • From

    Office of «Aquatoria» LLC is located in a strategically important place of the Far Eastern region - Vladivostok, which in turn is the transport artery of all fish harvested in the Russian Far East.

    We know from personal experience all the specifics of the fishing industry, from processing to direct sales to international and domestic customers. Using the expertise, knowledge and skills obtained over the years in the industry, we provide our customers and partners with high-quality services.

  • Where

    The main objective of «Aquatoria» LLC is to unite the manufacturer and the end-customer into a single, efficiently interacting network.

    Our fundamental principles are: maximum reliability, high quality of products and customer service, transparent accounting and professional approach at all stages of cooperation.

  • Values

    Our values are common to all mankind.

    We rely on goodwill, respect, cooperation and responsibility in partnerships.
    We use flexibility, alternative thinking in search of constructive solutions and opportunities.

    We work with YES resource!

  • Mission

    We choose life and gladly manage the upcoming future.  «Aquatoria» LLC is based on common to all mankind values, taking care of PEOPLE, providing healthy food through reliable partnership.

  • Charity

    «Aquatoria» LLC takes part in socially significant charitable projects.

    Since the beginning of the special military operation, we have been actively collecting, sending and delivering humanitarian aid to the residents of the LPR and DPR, supplying fresh-frozen fish and canned fish, medicines and first aid kits.

    In August 2023 we supported the organization of the youth scientific and educational meeting "Askold and Dir", by financing the costs associated with the arrival and accommodation of a child from Donbass in a summer camp on the island Askold of Primorsky region.