General partners

«FPP Sokra» Co., Ltd.

Our general partner is Fish Processing Plant Sokra Co., Ltd., established in 1998. «FPP Sokra» Co., Ltd. has production capabilities which allow to process over 100 metric tons of frozen fish per day. The factory is certified by European Union (EU-52R), China (CH-107) and South Korea (RK-1-107).

Сonvenient geographical location allows for quick delivery of freshly harvested fish to the plant for processing and freezing. Short processing cycle from catching area to frozen product helps to preserve nutritions and maintain high quality of the finished products.

The company's assortment includes frozen and chilled fish, single-frozen fillets, by-products (fish roe and milts), canned fish and fishmeal.

Besides onshore fish processing factories, «FPP Sokra» Co., Ltd. owns fish catching fleat and fish processing vessel Lindgolm. Lindgolm's daily processing capability is up to 100 metric tons of frozen fish. The vessel is also certified by European Union (EU-12S), China (CH-213) and South Korea (RK-1-213).

«FPP Sokra» Co., Ltd. staff regularly undergo training in order to improve professional skills, modern technologies and equipment are integrated at the plants and onboard of the vessels, which contributes to stable improvement of quality and expansion of products assortment.

«ProdKam» LLC

«ProdKam» LLC works in the field of wholesale and small-scale wholesale of fresh-frozen fish and fish products from the Far East.

Since 2012 the company has established itself as a stable and reliable partner and supplier of tasty and healthy Far Eastern fish products in the Southern Federal District.

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