• Distribution

    High efficiency of wholesale distribution is achieved due to knowledge and ability to organize all stages of the process. Starting with detailed market analysis, long term strategic partnership with international and domestic customers and nevertheless ability to present transparent work performed and financial reports.

    Our main priorities are: respect for ethical principles, complete transparency of services provided, strict accounting and focus on current needs of our partners.

  • Purchasing

    For maximum convenience and flexibility, «Aquatoria» LLC provides service of purchasing third-party frozen fish with complete door-to-door delivery service to customers.

    Customers have an option to delegate all stages of purchasing process of specific species of frozen fish to our expertise. We prepare market analysis, cover search and negotiation process with reliable supplier, in time issue all necessary documentation, check quality of potential cargo, after all is confirmed complete necessary loading and delivery procedures.

  • Quality inspection

    All products supplied by «Aquatoria» LLC are subject to strict quality control. On basic level, our staff performs preliminary frozen cargo inspection, backed up by photo reports, check the conformity of package labeling and monitor the correctness of accompanying documents.

    Particular attention is paid to defrosted inspections, which are carried out in accordance with the standards and individual requirements of both international and domestic customers. Our customers can monitor "live" inspection via video call. Final inspection reports are present with detailed photos, videos and data charts.

  • Cargo delivery

    Our company has all the needs to arrange professional documents issue which in turn results in time efficiency and lower cost of delivery to our international and domestic customers.

    Often, we are able to provide special shipping rates allocated by carriers exclusively for our company, which minimizes transportation costs for our client, while focusing on delivery speed and most importantly on reliability of transporting company and safety of cargo during the entire transporting period.

  • Documents issue

    Besides of issuing certificates technically, our qualified staff consults partners and customers in advance. These measures prevent potential unplanned financial losses that may arise due to specifics of veterinary requirements in deferent cases.

    «Aquatoria» LLC keeps abreast on changes in veterinary regulations of Russian Federation and requirements of importing countries. Awareness of the situation allows to perform precise scheduling of logistic procedures, in term saving our customers time and unnecessary expenses.

  • Loading procedures

    Due to the vast experience, «Aquatoria» LLC developed an optimal shipping technique of frozen fish, in term saving our customers time and money.

    All loading and unloading procedures take place with the use of video recording equipment by professional staff.

    We organize complex planning of loading procedures, advice optimal transportation options, manage arrangements with storage facilities, arranging suitable loading areas and most importantly our company is financially liable for the operations performed.