Career in «Aquatoria» LLC

We choose life and gladly manage the upcoming future.

Who are we looking for

  • Менеджер логистики

    Контроль и организация погрузо-разгрузочные работы с борта судна, c холодильников и реф. контейнеров (оперативное реагирование и умение предотвращать потенциальные сбои)


If you feel that you can be an asset to our company - send us your resume.

What are we doing

Every day we carry out specific actions to solve complex tasks associated with the effective wholesale distribution of frozen Far Eastern fish in our country and the world.

We organize and support a whole system of processes that are directly related to each other, including logistics operations, loading and unloading operations, product quality inspections, direct sales, accounting and much more.

We are developing steadily, therefore ...


  • Open and honest

    This quality allows us to build healthy and transparent relationships with ourselves, and, therefore, with the people around us. Honesty allows us to adequately analyze our own actions.

  • Responsible

    An adult person knows how to take on feasible obligations and fulfill them. Our company employs reliable people we can rely on.

  • Decisive

    A prerequisite for joining our team is the ability to make independent, responsible decisions within own competence.

  • Socially oriented

    Our values and meanings extend beyond obtaining individual material benefits. The willingness to invest a part of yourself for the good of a common cause is an important condition of our work!

  • Thinking

    The ability to think consistently and focus on a task is an important skill for us. We are always thinking about how to do better tomorrow what we do well today!

  • Ready to learn

    Readiness to learn is, first of all, self-learning, pursuit and actions to learn a new area for yourself.

What we offer

  • 1

    Official employment

    Our employees are officially employed, with a full transfer of taxes to the state

  • 2

    Social package

    We guarantee sick pay, provide opportunities to financially support our employees, pay for mobile communications and provide paid vacations

  • 3

    Competitive salary

    We keep up with the times by setting market competitive salary for employees

  • 4


    Individual constructive initiative is always rewarded

  • 5

    Fuel compensation

    We are attentive to the personal expenses of employees caused by the specifics of our work activities

  • 6

    External and internal training

    We encourage and support employee growth

  • 7

    Continuous professional growth

    «Aquatoria» LLC is developing, thereby opening new horizons for all employees. Professional growth = career growth

  • 8

    Comfortable workspace

    We provide well-equipped workplaces, modern technical equipment, as well as a comfortable place to relax in the office

  • 9

    Flexible work and rest schedule

    We value our employees' time invested for the good of the company and, in turn, respect their personal time

  • 10

    Organized catering lunches

    "Labor feeds and clothes"

  • 11

    Free "five minutes"

    We are not only treating rest breaks with understanding, but also help to replenish spent energy with "snacks".

  • 12

    "Fish day"

    A shoemaker without shoes is for shoemakers! Fresh, healthy, natural fish is always available to our employees

  • 13

    Organization of holidays in the company

    We work together and play together!

  • 14

    Free parking

    Our office is located in an area with free spacious car parking for employees in a closed area

  • 15

    And much more interesting...